Wednesday, 13 July 2016



“I know what women want. They want to be beautiful” – Valentino Garavani

Every woman wants to be great and beautiful all the time for their own satisfaction, right? I, as a woman myself totally agree with this because I know and understand that “I want to be fabulous” feeling.  

But, every beautiful women need awesome handbags with them by their side.  

One of the famous brand which offers stylish handbags for women is Coach and it provided the latest fashion trends to complete your days. Yayyy.
Came with intricate detailing design and high quality material, Coach is a must brand to grab by all of us.  

There are plenty of designs to fulfil and represent your styles that can be chosen from Coach and all of them have their own concept; so, it makes each of them unique and attractive in their own ways weheeee.

For the ladies who are still having no idea which handbags from Couch are a must-have, check out the designs below.

1. The Signature

: Suitable for all outfits, this signature bag which came with Coach logo design is the best choice ever for every occasion.
It looks classy, stylish and indirectly will boost the confidence level of the owner. So, why not, right? Say yessss to the signature.  

2. Simple Plain

: Simple plain designs are the totally must-purchase handbags because it can match with every style. It give a simple but gorgeous look at the same time to the owner which is great.

The good news with this Coach simple plain is it came from many colours that can be chosen. 
You can go for earth tone bags colours for a mature look or feminine and sweet with pastel handbags.  

3. Bright and Bold

: This bright and bold design will make your life more colourful and fun and indirectly will boost your mood.

Came with bright colours such as yellow and red it shows that you are a confident person, and will gain others respects.
Wearing this bag will also give you the right moment to shine and show off your outgoing personality.  

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favourite Coach must-have designs bags now.


  1. TTT_TTT duit raya ada ni nak grab semua ni hahaahah tapi takkan la kan hahaha habis laaaa nnt TT_TT

    thanks nina hihi

  2. I love the simple plain ❤❤❤

  3. simple plain tu cantik. tp BV suka sling bag :D

  4. huhuhu...tak mampu hakak nak beli Coach...akak x suka handbag...serius...tapi akak mmg suka pakai backpack :P

    1. kalau akak tak mampu, nina ni lagi la tak mampu hewhew.
      takpe backpack pun banyak lelawa

  5. wahhhh bag coach mmg cantik kan...

  6. simple plain <3

    but i prefer beg mughah je lol

  7. slinggg bag je mampu chu ollss hehe